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RSL VIP Experience


There’s VIP…
and then there’s this.

Win the ultimate sports lovers dream – The RSL VIP Experience!

  • 2 roundtrip flights from your hometown to Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • 2 nights Hotel accommodations.
  • 2 tickets to the LifeVantage Suite at Rio Tinto Stadium where you will watch the game together with LifeVantage Corp Execs.
  • 2 passes to the Lion Club at Rio Tinto Stadium to mingle with RSL players and staff after the game.
  • 2 personalized jerseys and scarfs to wear at the game.


Drawings for the RSL VIP Experience and LifeVantage/RSL swag will be taking place throughout the 2017 Real Salt Lake season.



  1. Attend a LifeVantage/RSL Away Game Event. Within 7 days after the event, when a new enrollee purchases a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Pack, both the enroller and new distributor will each have a ticket entered into the drawing.*
  2. Rank advance to Pro 3 between May and September 2017 and have 5 tickets entered into the drawing.
  3. Enroll 3 distributors who purchase a Platinum Pack through the qualification period between May 13th and Sept 30th and earn 3 tickets into the current drawing.

*At Real Salt Lake away games, LifeVantage will be hosting a series of events. These events will include opportunity meetings for prospects to learn about LifeVantage and to network with members of the LifeVantage Family. At each event, we will have giveaways of LifeVantage and RSL Swag. Make sure to invite all your prospects! Check Big Blue Calendar for an event near you.


Terms & Conditions

  • Promotion is available to only Distributors.
  • Flights are economy from your nearest major airport.
  • Prize is non-transferable. If winner is unable to attend, a new winner will be selected.
  • Distributorship must be in good standing in order to participate in the promotion.
  • Orders that were placed during the promotional period to reach the qualification cannot be returned once the promotion is complete.
  • To be eligible to participate in the promotion, qualifiers have to be within the US and Canada.
  • All additional policies and procedures must be followed for rank advancement.
    This promotion may be modified or cancelled at any time at the sole discretion of LifeVantage Corporation or its affiliates without any advance notice to Distributors. LifeVantage reserves the right to change the promotion at any time, interpret the rules of the promotion, and has final decision in the event of any disputes regarding the qualification requirements and inclusions.
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